How Has the Gaza War Reshaped the Market's Future


Israel-Hamas conflict ongoing, leaders aim to prevent escalation. Brent crude at $87.45, down from recent highs.

Investors betting on world leaders to manage crises, historically markets recover after sell-offs in Middle East crises.

Leaders issue warnings to prevent escalation, especially Biden. No clear power to replace the U.S. influence.

Biden handled a challenging situation well, but challenges will increase, especially if the conflict spreads.

US deploys troops to the region and warns against an Israeli pre-emptive strike on Hezbollah.

Iran unlikely to enter the conflict directly, but escalation on an active front remains perilous. Israel warns.

Economic concerns in Israel as investors fear a repeat of the 2006 recession due to currency sell-off.

War boosted Biden's domestic standing. Concerns about American lives lost would complicate his position.