BY: Mehdi Alavi

How Good Is the US Policy on Iran, Really?

Americans perceive Iran as a rogue state due to Iranian diaspora propaganda and influential opposition to the regime.

US sanctions on Iran, aimed at regime change, have devastated the economy, leading to widespread poverty and lack of vital medications.

Despite relentless propaganda for regime change, Iranians remain unfazed and resilient, drawing on their history of overcoming adversity.

Iran's response to US sanctions has spurred global dissent, diminishing the dominance of the petrodollar and promoting self-reliance.

US animosity towards Iran's role in the decline of the dollar reveals a refusal to adapt and threatens American hegemony.

Iran's mullah-led government counters claims of dictatorship, operating as a theo-democracy that respects the nation's votes and views.

Iran's leadership embraces democracy with vibrant debates, diverse media, and free expression of public opinions without repression.

Iran's progress under the mullahs includes remarkable achievements, but strict hijab enforcement provokes discontent among some Iranians.