BY:  Joy Hyvarinen

Hostile Information Campaigns, Democracy and Free Expression in Finland

After Ukraine, Finland joins NATO due to Russia threat. Balancing defense and freedom of expression crucial.

Deliberate false info spreads, weakens states, targets democracy. Disinfo misinfo differ. True info can mislead.

Russia, China identified by Finnish intel as major state influence threats, Finland readies with EU-NATO cooperation.

AI amplifies threats. Countering challenges free speech. EU actions on Russian media sparked censorship concerns.

Finland's 2023 elections led to new government facing challenges, racism scandals, and potential influence risks.

Calls for resignations, criticism over coalition with Finns Party spark racism debate and free speech controversy.

Media spotlight on extreme views fuels division, enabling hostile actors to exploit and deepen societal conflicts.

Freedom of expression is vital for national security, protecting democracy, but can be exploited by hostile actors.