BY:  Mustafa Suroush

Here Is Why the Taliban Cannot Change

Taliban's work and education ban on women reveals their inability to change, dampening international hopes for reform.

US-Taliban deal, Ghani's escape led to Afghan collapse. Aid sent to tackle growing political and humanitarian crisis.

NATO, UN, and humanitarian organizations send aid to address deepening crisis in Afghanistan, providing $2.4B since 2022.

International efforts to influence Taliban for moderation and inclusivity face hurdles due to their ideological resistance.

Taliban's ideology focuses on Pashtun tribalism, Islamism, and the pursuit of earthly and afterlife goals, including heaven.

Taliban aims for an Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan, enforcing self-invented sharia law and strict obedience to their version.

Taliban's leader orders full implementation of sharia, fearlessly defying any threat, including the use of atomic bombs.

Taliban oppresses non-Pashtun groups, emphasizing subjugation of women and seeking revenge in Afghanistan.