Here Are the Secrets Behind India’s Strategic Behavior

By: Abhishek Sharma 

Western theories can't grasp India's strategy due to cultural oversight, a cultural approach is crucial.

Arthashastra by Kautilya (200 BC - 300 AD) elucidates India's strategic reasoning and nuances.

Arthashastra guides modern foreign policy with moral compass, echoes seen in ancient and later writings.

Kautilya's ideas inspire India's strategy, shaping global engagement and diverse strategic schools of thought.

Familiar in India's climate stance: domestic priorities over moral obligations, mirrored in global interactions.

Modi's approach differs, India blends political morality, rationality, and domestic factors in foreign policy.

Kautilya's Yana influences India's foreign policy, focusing on military capabilities and protecting interests.

India treads carefully in relations with Russia and the US, seeking consistent and supportive allies.