Has Macron’s Memory Succumbed to the Heat?

By:  Peter Isackson

French presidents, like US presidents on Thanksgiving, address the nation on New Year's Eve with well-wishes on television.

Macron's poised turkey pardon, but stirred controversy by claiming unpredictable summer heat waves, contrary to public knowledge.

Macron's climate unpredictability statement in New Year's address sparked outcry from scientists and opposition, per Le Monde.

Le Monde translated Macron's questions: Who predicted the inflation wave or the unexpected climate crisis and its impact?

Critics say lack of attention by politicians, scientists, and young people shows a disconnect regarding climate change.

Public questions accountability of politicians like Macron, as his failure on climate change indicates a lack of focus.

Macron faces challenges of pension reform, minority governance, and opposition from populist left and right in Parliament.

Macron's undefined center contrasts with the reflective left and right, while French people grapple with unpredictable concerns.