Gulf States Pioneer the Implementation of Metaverse Technology

Metaverse interest wanes among tech giants, companies downsize departments, per Wall Street Journal.

Middle East embraces metaverse: Israel's embassy, Saudi Sandbox collaboration, NEOM's smart city efforts.

KPMG to create metaverse Center of Excellence in Saudi Arabia, speeding up its adoption in the region.

KPMG partners with Microsoft, Ericsson, and Metakey for gaming platform, 5G tech, and 3D object creation.

Saudi Arabia embraces metaverse. Royal Commission for AlUla launches virtual Tomb of Lihyan experience.

Egypt's Metatut: Virtual city blends ancient culture and future tech, celebrating King Tutankhamun's discovery.

Metaverse Tunisian Summit 2022: UAE, Bahrain, Qatar keen on virtual world. Dubai & Abu Dhabi pioneers. 

Qatar Airways enters metaverse trend with Qverse platform, allowing VR exploration of check-in and aircraft cabins.