BY: Michael T. Klare

Goodbye to American Century: China and India Now Rising

Once seen as a powerful alliance, the "G-2" aimed to manage global problems for mutual benefit between the US and China.

Obama's China alliance faded, but rising global realities make a G-3 with China and India inevitable for shared governance.

G-3 emerges due to Ukraine war's unsatisfactory outcomes for US and Russia, making shared governance inevitable.

China and India will shape Ukraine's resolution as Russia relies on their support amid Western sanctions and trade ties.

Ukraine war exposes Russia's military weakness and highlights the limits of American power in building a global coalition.

US global clout diminishes as Russia stays afloat with China and India buying Russian energy despite restrictions.

Washington fails to convince rising powers like Brazil, India, and South Africa to view the Ukraine war as an ideological struggle.

Non-Western leaders disregard Western statements, citing hypocrisy and economic harm caused by sanctions on Russia.