Germany’s Firefighters Fail to Put Far-Right Infiltration Out

AfD's rise in polls partly due to Ukraine war and long-standing infiltration of volunteer fire departments.

Germany has 1.3 million firefighters, including over a million volunteers, a unique setup in Europe.

Volunteer firefighters vital for fire control and community life, serving as a pillar of civic engagement in Germany.

Conservatives infiltrate volunteer fire departments, up to 34,000 extremists, sparking societal concerns in Germany.

Extremist incidents in volunteer fire departments include political slogans, racism, and racial slurs, raising concerns.

Stern's research exposed extremism in German volunteer fire departments, sparking a heated backlash.

Backlash reveals organizational culture in fire departments attracting radicals, aligned with right-wing extremist views.

Low ethnic diversity with less than 1% immigrant members and only 10.5% women in German fire departments.