From Upstart to Start-Up Nation, Israel at 75 Faces New Challenges

By:  Gary Grappo

75 years ago, Israel declared independence, defying Arab opposition and defeating the combined Arab armies against all odds.

Israel repeatedly defeated Arab armies in 1956, 1967, and 1973, culminating in peace negotiations after the Camp David Accords.

The Palestinians remember Israel's independence as the "nakba" and their conflict with Israel persists till today.

Israel, accepting Jews worldwide, transformed from poverty to prosperity, becoming a global leader in technology and innovation.

Israel faces new challenges as it commemorates its 75 years, including protests against attempts to undermine its judicial system.

Critics warn that the government's actions would disrupt the balance of powers, while supporters argue for judicial reform.

Israel's political tensions: attempts to undermine judiciary and conservative policies lead to protests and public discontent.

Israel's prime minister yielded to public pressure, suspending legislation that threatened the judiciary's independence.