Even Now Donald Trump is a Danger to American Democracy

BY: John Feffer

Trump faces 34 charges of fraud. First US president to face criminal charges. Other countries' leaders imprisoned after trial.

Trump's charges seem minor, but payments to a porn star and others were wrongly claimed as campaign expenses, a felony.

Trump faces fraud charges for payments. Trial delayed to December 4. Georgia may indict for election interference.

January 6 committee accuses Trump of 4 crimes. Justice Department investigates. Includes aiding mob and obstructing Congress.

Special prosecutor investigating Trump for wire fraud, money laundering, and election lies, but his political career isn't over yet.

Trump leads Republican nomination by over 25 points after New York indictment, despite ongoing legal troubles.

79% of Republicans align with MAGA, some anti-Trump Republicans left, but over a million voters joined before the midterms.

Trump's odds up against Biden, with 2% lead in YouGov/Economist poll. Early days, investigations may affect candidacy.