Even at 100, Henry Kissinger’s Legacy Is Frightening

By:  Vikram Zutshi

Examining Kissinger's legacy reveals disastrous consequences that still shape the world, contradicting the image of a master strategist.

Kissinger's involvement in the Vietnam War, including secret bombings and callousness, prolonged suffering and destruction in Southeast Asia.

Kissinger's pursuit of realpolitik sacrificed human rights, democratic values, and supported authoritarian regimes like Pinochet's Chile.

Kissinger's Middle East policy prioritized short-term gains, perpetuating Israeli occupation and sowing conflict instead of justice and self-determination.

Kissinger's "triangular diplomacy" aimed to balance power but strained resources and had unintended consequences in the Cold War era.

Kissinger's engagement with China exploited the Sino-Soviet split, isolating the Soviet Union but with unintended consequences.

Kissinger's détente with China fueled Soviet uncertainty, leading to an intensified arms race and heightened Cold War tensions.

Kissinger's engagement with China prompted the Soviet Union to strengthen alliances and expand influence in various regions.