Erdoğan’s Shrewd Rhetoric on the Economy

By: Alex Rose

Erdoğan's unexpected victory speech from lavish compound raises eyebrows amidst defiance of court rulings and opposition protests.

Paradoxical Turkish election: Despite economic hardships, majority support Erdoğan. Questions arise over lavish victory speech venue.

Erdoğan's victory hinges on constituents overlooking the economy. His unorthodox views on interest rates create inflation.

Erdoğan's campaign emphasized the economy, with promises of interest rate cuts and defense against perceived adversaries.

Erdoğan's strategy: Slashing interest rates has direct benefits, while blaming indirect negative consequences on foreign actors.

Erdoğan capitalizes on high historical interest rates and currency weakness to promote unconventional economic policies.

Erdoğan's arguments gain support from Turkey's history of high inflation, lira volatility, and dollarization of the economy.

Erdoğan capitalizes on concerns over dollarization, utilizing patriotic slogans to promote de-dollarization policies in Turkey.