Elon Musk’s Carefully Crafted Unscheduled Disaster

BY: Peter Isackson

Fast trends redefine, trigger change. Resistance met. Language, logic deteriorate. Rare transition brings cultural, economic change.

Elon Musk's recent rocket explosion shows how language and logic can be twisted. Musk thrives in his own oxymoronic reality.

Reuters described the explosion of SpaceX's Starship rocket as a "successful failure" and linked it to Musk's business philosophy.

NYT amused by SpaceX's euphemistic description of rocket explosion as "rapid unscheduled disassembly", a.k.a. explosion.

Musk's rare euphemism for his aerospace failure applies to the cultural and geopolitical drift of the US in 21st century.

Elon Musk's nonsensical naming choices have their own rationality, reflecting his belief that names should be a source of laughter.

SpaceX's explanation for their failed Starship test made sense: it was a development test meant to gather data for future attempts.

In Musk's hands, technology and science are now subordinated to the laws of consumerism, generating excitement to achieve goals.