Elective Dictatorship: The Plot by Britain’s Radical Conservatives

2010-2015 Tory-Lib Dem coalition continued One Nation style, while a radical right movement grew opposing EU membership.

Brexit advocacy surged as the ERG pressured PM Cameron for a non-binding referendum, exerting outsized influence.

The pro-Brexit campaign was well-organized, funded, and used advanced digital methods, including alarmist "fake facts" and data mining.

Brexiteers/ERG embrace a radical-right agenda: anti-EU, free market, law-and-order, hostile towards welfare, immigrants, and minorities.

The proclivities of the Brexiteers align more with far-right parties and fringe groups than with traditional party values.

Conservative Party transformed, resembling radical-right takeover of US Republicans, largely unnoticed by the electorate.

Authors were One Nation Conservative supporters until 2019, when Brexit and Johnson's authoritarianism emerged, erasing their influence.

Underfunding led NHS and social care to dysfunction and collapse. Conservative agenda favors private provision over state.