BY: Scott Bennett

Don’t Be Discouraged. Voting Will Make You Powerful

We vote for civic duty, freedom, patriotism, and to honor the sacrifices made for our voting rights.

Voting is more than just a civic duty, it's a commitment worth the effort to protect our democracy.

Not voting can signal dissatisfaction with a flawed political system, a quiet protest against a corrupt political class.

Voting empowers us to control our destiny, curb wealth's influence, and make institutions listen to us effectively.

Voting, like the 19th Amendment, empowered women beyond voting, challenging legal constraints on property and more.

The wealthy vote more, in 2008, 81.6% of those making over $150,000 voted, compared to 50.1% earning less.

The wealthy are more politically active: higher voting rates, campaign contributions, contacting reps, and more.

Learn from the rich, their voting impacts their lives. If we all vote in self-interest, we can shape government.