BY:  Atul Singh & Glenn Carle

Distressed China Plays Nice With US for Now

China witnesses 367% rise in temple visits, reflecting economic stress with high youth unemployment and struggling economy.

China's economic growth weakens as interest rates are lowered, real estate sector falters, and banks face risky loans.

China acknowledges economic weakening, seeks rapprochement, and tones down aggressive rhetoric towards the US.

China's shift towards reasonableness is attributed to the Communist Party's need to maintain credibility and deliver prosperity.

China's future after an inevitable bubble burst is uncertain, with Indian leaders cautiously observing the situation.

China faces challenges navigating middle income trap, uncertain growth amid transition from manufacturing to services.

Chinese leaders seek cooperation with the US amid a realization of reality, despite hawkish rhetoric from both sides.

China aims for economic cooperation with the US, but unresolved political issues may hinder successful collaboration.