Diplomacy in the Indo-Pacific and the Rise of Minilateralism

Reshaped by 'minilaterals': like-minded nations forming small groups due to UN's peace-building limitations.

Indo-Pacific showcases "minilaterals" like Quad and AUKUS, driven by concerns over China, aiming for stability.

Emergence of minilaterals due to power shifts, China, others assert influence in changing region dynamics.

IPEF signed by 13 nations, including QUAD allies, aims for inclusive, stable regional economic development.

Indo-Pacific pivotal, Biden's IPEF and QUAD illustrate US focus, fostering regional alliances and dialogues.

Sothirak: Fading multilateral trust drives minilateral rise for better representation of member nations' interests.

Multilateral inertia hampers UN, informal minilaterals adapt to evolving threats via dialogue and technology.

Facing China's threat, Indo-Pacific democracies seek help, adopt stronger collective stance for defense.