Despite US Pressure, Lebanon Still Wanders in the Wilderness

Lebanon's parliament fails for the twelfth time to elect a president, exacerbating economic crisis and poverty.

The US urges proactive action for a reform-oriented president in Lebanon, as rival parties create alliances.

Lebanon's confessional system: religious power-sharing, fragmented parliament, deadlock, and quorum-busting tactics.

US Congress and Biden Administration press Lebanon to end gridlock and support sanctions against corrupt officials.

US messaging lacks strong leadership on Lebanon. Absent from Riyadh summit, diverging interests with France.

A proactive US approach can prevent loss of influence, support reform, and counter corruption and Iranian influence. 

Senator Shaheen: US efforts in Lebanon faltering: increased pressure needed for government formation and crisis response.

US must support new Lebanese president, impose targeted sanctions against obstructionist elites for security and democracy.