Competition Over “Green” Mineral Wealth Is the Environment’s Newest Threat

South China Sea: Conflict and ecological decline in a microcosm of East-West tensions over resources.

South China Sea: Overfishing, depleted fish, coral reef damage, and territorial disputes threaten its environment.

South China Sea's oil and gas wealth fuels regional turmoil amid territorial disputes and resource competition.

Countries eye oil and gas projects in disputed waters, increasing the potential for severe confrontations.

U.S. accuses China of aggression in the South China Sea, but also contributes to regional tensions.

U.S. aims to deter China with military power, considering basing nuclear-capable platforms in Australia and more.

On August 25th, U.S. Marines, with Australian and Filipino forces, practiced retaking a captured island.

Australian Defense Minister Marles stresses joint military drills to protect national security and regional order.