Chinese Foreign Minister Is Suddenly and Mysteriously Axed


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China's foreign minister Qin Gang replaced by Wang Yi after unexplained absence and health issues.

China's leader disappearances trigger probes, Xi's 2012 vanishing sparked health and power speculation. 

Qin: China's 'wolf-warrior' ambassador, rose and fell, known for tough diplomacy and fame abroad.

Xi elevated and damaged Qin's leadership through bad decisions, tarnishing CCP's reputation and economy.

Experienced diplomat Wang's return signals stability and skill in Chinese diplomacy for US relations.

Qin's mysterious fall, linked to affair rumors or policy discontent, prompts geopolitical tensions. 

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Qin's fall reflects China's challenges, Xi's leadership maintained through sacrificial scapegoat.

Qin's departure, Wang's return suggest China's likelier conciliatory foreign approach for stability.