China Hangs Washington Out to Dry in the Middle East

By: Juan Cole

Seismic shock in diplomacy: China brokers reconciliation between Iran and Saudi Arabia, reminiscent of historic US-led peace agreements.

US sidelined due to Chinese initiatives, reflecting Washington's incompetence, arrogance, and double-dealing in the Middle East.

China seeks to ease tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia due to oil imports. Belt and Road Initiative drives regional trade expansion.

China's economic interests at risk as Iran-Saudi tensions escalate. Drone attacks threaten oil supplies from both countries.

Chinese Communist Party desires Gulf stability, China's transition from petroleum reliance reduces Middle East's importance in 15-30 years.

China aims to end Iranian-Saudi tensions while US's indispensability declines due to past blunders and Trump's handling of Iran.

2015 nuclear deal closed off Iran's nuclear weapon pathways, Ayatollahs deny interest in weapons of mass destruction.

JCPOA imposed strict limits on Iran's nuclear activities, verified by IAEA. Iran complied until 2018, but faced punishment from Washington.