Capitalism Depends on the Survival of Democracy

Democratic capitalist countries thrive with high standards of living, but face challenges that may harm their systems.

Global economic issues fuel rising fear and anger, affecting even the wealthiest nations and eroding middle classes.

Globalization is a double-edged sword, lifting millions out of poverty while leaving some behind due to unequal impacts.

New technologies create and destroy jobs, but income inequality rises, impacting America's middle class and favoring skilled workers.

Economic, social, and cultural factors fuel political shifts as fears of declining status and immigration resentment rise.

Populists exploit dissatisfied voters, appealing to emotions, blaming elites, media, immigrants, and foreigners for economic inequality.

Authoritarians consolidate power, undermine democracy, suppress dissent, and resist relinquishing office without resistance.

Leaders' mix of populism and authoritarianism, varying in tone, reinforces each other, posing a potentially dangerous combination.