Canada’s Prime Minister Should Not Be So Quick to Condemn India


Trudeau accused India of assassinating a Canadian, India denies any involvement, calling it "absurd."

CBC stirred outrage, implying India as a "rogue state" and "interference" if Trudeau's accusation is true.

Canada sees itself as a rights champion, India views interference. Balanced analysis is needed.

Trudeau must provide concrete evidence for his allegations instead of appearing aligned with Sikh separatists.

Trudeau's statement emboldened Khalistanis. He must consider the well-being of all Canadians, fostering inclusivity.

Sikh separatism has a complex history, dating back to pre-independence India and resurging in the late 1970s.

Three events: 1984 Golden Temple storming, Indira Gandhi's assassination, and 1984 Delhi anti-Sikh riots.

1985 Air India bombing killed 329, Canadian investigation mishandled, affecting India's confidence in Canada.