Can the US End its Frightening Addiction to War?


President Biden ended the war in Afghanistan, calling for an end to the "forever war" and pulling out US forces.

US still not out of "Forever War" against terror despite Afghanistan withdrawal, and may be entering "Eternal War" era.

Identifying potential global conflict zones involving the US military is difficult but worth examining at present.

US-Ukraine conflict with Russia escalates as US increases involvement, bringing them closer to a head-to-head confrontation.

US has provided over $113 billion in aid to Ukraine, including lethal weaponry, making it the largest contributor.

US-Russia tension extends to Arctic, potential flashpoint. Putin suggests nuclear storage in Belarus.

US eyes on China as potential flashpoint, particularly over Taiwan, leading to increased military presence in the Asia-Pacific.

US strengthens military presence in the Philippines, amid fears of potential conflict with China over Taiwan.