Can Dance Transcend Borders and Embrace Humanity?

By: Franthiesco Ballerini

Dance unites artists uprooted by war, allowing them to express their skill, emotions, and humanity with audiences.

Human Connection

Russian ballet, historically international, influences the world, as 'Reunited in Dance' showcases non-Russian talent.

Global Tradition

Rising ballet stars Andrea Laššáková and Jacopo Tissi pursued international careers, leaving their home countries.

Ballet Dancers

Andrea Laššáková shares her journey from uncertainty to opportunity in the US, while Vsevolod Maevsky's global ballet path.

Challenging Journeys

Joy Womack's ballet career, from the U.S. to Russia, disrupted by the war, leaving her with uncertain future.

Bolshoi Ballerina

David Motta Soares: From Brazil to the Bolshoi, facing a difficult decision amid the Russia-Ukraine crisis.

Brazilian Bolshoi dancer

Lizi Avsajanishvili's journey from Georgia to Orange County, finding hope and peace at Segerstrom Center.

Georgian Ballerina's Journey

Christine Shevchenko's path from Odessa to ABT and Xander Parish's journey from cricket to the Royal Ballet.

Multitalented Dancers

Veronika Selivanova's international ballet journey from Minsk to Norway amid the Russia-Ukraine crisis.

Multicultural Dancer

Russian "Romantic" ballet's classics evolved with new choreography, setting the stage for international recognition.

Russian Ballet Evolution

Russian ballet thrived despite revolution, embodying national spirit, yet faced emigration amid political turmoil.

Resilience Of Russian Ballet