Can ChatGPT Really Write Now?

By:  Garima Garg

Mixed reactions to ChatGPT reflect the times—superficial critique but growing recognition of its potential. Understanding is crucial.

AI's ability to write hinges on understanding the purpose and impact of writing, explored by Nicholas Carr in "The Shallows."

Internet skimming overwhelms readers. Automated algorithms now synthesize information, posing concerns for avid readers.

AI enthusiasts overlook writing's essence: questioning, processing, and resolving universal human challenges in enduring texts.

Carr explores the ancient dialogue between Theuth and Thamus, questioning the impact of writing on memory and true wisdom.

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Ancient story echoes in age of writing bots. Socrates warned against dependence on writing, fearing shallower thinking and lost wisdom.

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Writing and reading delve into our inner world, capturing fears, aspirations, conflicts, and wisdom. It's an intrinsically human process. 

Memory and inner life foster wisdom across cultures. AI erodes our inner selves, scripting our lives. Caution is needed.