Cameroon’s Vital Rainforest Ecosystems Are Being Cut Down

By: Parfait Taiwé 

Cameroon's timber industry thrives, boosted by Dja Reserve and Campo Ma'an Park, making it a top exporter of logs.

Timber cutting provides essential income for communities, supporting basic needs like food, healthcare, and education.

Timber poaching persists despite Edéa National Park's protection, fueled by population growth and abuse of matanda species.

Over 80% of palm trees in Youpwe have been cut down due to the community's demand for fuel and cooking needs.

Illegal wood trafficking surges in Eastern Cameroon. BU'MO and Foder implicated in unauthorized exploitation.

Reform aimed to alleviate rural poverty, improving living conditions through projects addressing basic needs and services.

Authorities fail to stop poached timber flow. Rainforests, vital "lungs of the planet," absorb CO2 and release oxygen.

Rainforest loss harms environment, agriculture. Decreased yields, compromised ecosystem functions, and food security result.