California’s Lawsuit Against Big Oil May Be a Gamechanger


Unregulated capitalism fosters dishonesty, seen in climate change denial, tobacco, and the opioid crisis.

California's AG, Rob Bonta, files 135-page lawsuit against major oil companies in a climate change battle.

Bonta accuses oil companies of hiding climate change truths to boost profits, calling for accountability.

Bonta, born to a Filipino-American family with labor activist roots, pursued a Yale law degree and entered politics.

He's committed to fighting for vulnerable working-class and frontline communities against climate change impacts.

Human-induced climate change has led to devastating wildfires in California, affecting famous figures and communities.

In 2018, wildfires destroyed Miley Cyrus's home and others, causing celebrities to lose their properties.

Celebrities recover, but farm laborers face health and financial challenges due to wildfires, even losing homes.