BY:  Vikram Zutshi

Bombshell: The Life and Death of Anna Nicole Smith

Netflix documentary "Anna Nicole: You Don’t Know Me" explores the captivating yet perilous life of Anna Nicole Smith.

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Texan beauty Vickie Lynn Hogan found early fame as a pole dancer, marrying at 16 and later seeking opportunities in Los Angeles.

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Anna Nicole's LA rise: Playboy covers, Guess face. Irresistible charm, seduction, curves, and sex appeal fueled her determined ascent.

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Controversial marriage to billionaire J. Howard Marshall II led to Anna Nicole's downfall amid speculation and criticism.

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Legal battles ensued after Marshall's death as Anna Nicole fought for a share of his vast estate, worth hundreds of millions.

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Smith's tenacity in legal battles faced setbacks, with initial $474 million award overturned and Supreme Court ruling against her.

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Courtroom clashes overshadowed by tragic death of Smith's son, Daniel, from accidental drug overdose, causing immense grief.

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Macfarlane skillfully directs, using captivating archival footage to depict Smith's upbringing, rise to fame, and inner struggles.

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