Biden’s Soft Approach to Israel May Not Work This Time

In 2021, after 11 days and 256 Palestinian deaths, President Biden's soft approach got Israel to stop Gaza bombing.

After 10 days of diplomacy and blocked UN resolutions, Biden made his fourth call to Netanyahu for action.

Biden's firm approach pushed for a ceasefire, telling Netanyahu, "we're out of runway here. It's over." It worked.

After two years, Biden's approach during a brutal Israeli attack on Gaza has taken a significant toll.

Gaza faces 7,000 casualties, hospital closures, blackouts, dire conditions, and food shortages, including 2,600 children.

Israel permits limited aid due to US and global pressure, but hindered by ongoing Israeli bombings. 

Hamas's actions resulted in the deaths of around 1,400 Israelis, primarily civilians, and the kidnapping of 220 individuals.

Israeli dehumanization and expulsion calls, with US support, fuel Palestinian suspicions of Israel's intentions.