BY:  Mirwais Balkhi

Between Success and Failure in Afghanistan: Advice for Qatar

Despite the US pullout and Taliban's triumph, Afghanistan remains in conflict with new groups emerging and internal strife. Peace is distant.

Afghanistan's history of power struggles continues with multiple external actors and internal factions vying for influence.

Qatar's neutral stance in the Afghan conflict makes it a potential mediator amid the involvement of multiple actors.

Qatar's leverage, neutrality, and connections make it well-positioned to be a successful mediator in Afghanistan.

Qatar's mediation efforts, economic success, and global influence have positioned it as a significant player on the international stage.

Qatar's foreign policy as a mediator and its neutrality in the Afghanistan conflict have earned trust from various actors.

Qatar's engagement in Afghanistan includes mediation efforts and the establishment of the Qatari Model of Conflict Resolution.

Qatar's mediation efforts in Afghanistan hold potential for resolving the ongoing crisis in its latest phase.