BY: Saleem Samad

Bangladesh’s Patience is Waning for Rohingyas in Need

Bangladesh disregards warnings, risks Rohingya refugees' safety by forcing them back to Myanmar despite UNHCR and HRW alerts.

China diplomatically pressures Myanmar junta on Rohingya crisis, fearing ICJ repercussions amid genocide charges brought by Gambia.

Genocide in Myanmar triggers massive refugee crisis as Bangladesh struggles to accommodate 1.2 million Rohingyas in squalid camps.

3.5M Rohingya dispersed worldwide, 600k persecuted in Myanmar, confined in camps for a decade without basic needs.

Bangladesh denies Rohingya refugee status, lacks refugee convention ratification, imposes restrictions, pushing for premature returns.

China supports Myanmar amidst Western sanctions over Rohingya persecution, ousting of Aung San Suu Kyi, and military coup.

Myanmar junta pretends compassion, promises Rohingya repatriation, denies citizenship, abuses and discriminates against them.

Myanmar officials verify 6,000 Rohingya for repatriation amid crises, sanctions. Expert calls it insufficient, face-saving effort.