BY: Sadia Korobi

Bangladesh Unveils its New Indo-Pacific Outlook

Bangladesh's first IPO shows proactive involvement in Indo-Pacific dynamics before PM Hasina's visits to Japan, UK, and US.

Bangladesh's IPO envisions a free, open, inclusive Indo-Pacific, aligning with regional objectives while maintaining a neutral stance.

The Indo-Pacific's significance lies in its geostrategic importance, accounting for over half of the world's population and 62% of global GDP.

The Indo-Pacific hosts major economies like China, Japan, India, and others, making it a geopolitical hotspot for power struggles.

US-led Indo-Pacific strategy counters China's rise; term coined by Japan's Shinzo Abe. Garnered support from key allies.

Bangladesh joins Indo-Pacific, aiming for peace, prosperity, and security through trust, partnerships, dialogue, and cooperation.

Bangladesh promotes peace, security, and cooperation in the Indo-Pacific through active contributions and international collaboration.

Bangladesh promotes Indo-Pacific peace, inclusive societies, and transparent multilateral systems for shared prosperity and stability.