BY: Peter Isackson

Assessing the True Meaning of US Generosity in Ukraine

The US Congress allocated $40 billion to Ukraine's war effort through the "Ukraine Democracy Defense Lend-Lease Act of 2022."

US aid to Ukraine ($54B and counting) rivals Russia's annual military budget ($66B), with a historical Lend-Lease precedent.

Biden's pledge to mirror FDR's reforms falters as focus shifts to aiding Ukrainian military, neglecting domestic social policies.

Biden revives Lend-Lease policy, supporting Britain and allies in World War II amid previous US isolationism.

Biden justifies Lend-Lease bill, highlighting the cost of caving to aggression and portraying support for Ukraine as a noble sacrifice.

Biden's choice of words reveals that Ukraine will bear the cost of the fight, with the US as a creditor expecting repayment. 

Biden creates the impression that Ukraine chose to pay, but Washington determines the price, leaving Ukraine indebted.

Biden's remarks reveal US unilateral decision-making and Ukraine's inability to refuse the Lend-Lease offer for arms supply.