Assad to Face Torture Accusations at the ICJ

Bashar al-Assad's rehabilitation gains momentum with UN invite, Arab League acceptance, and earthquake aiding aid control.

Dutch and Canadian governments take Assad to International Court of Justice over alleged human rights violations.

Canada and the Netherlands accuse Syria of countless violations of international law, including torture and inhumane treatment.

Canada and the Netherlands seek provisional measures to protect rights and lives amid Syria's ongoing human rights violations.

Guernica 37 aids Dutch government in ICJ case. Toby Cadman anticipates progress in securing provisional measures soon.

Industrial-scale torture evidence substantiated by UN commissions, independent mechanism, and survivor testimonies.

140,000 political prisoners suffer in Assad's brutal prisons, with 30k deaths due to torture and inadequate medical care.

Pressure mounts to repatriate Syrian refugees, disregarding their safety concerns amid claims of war winding down.