As Terror Recedes, the Iraqi Economy Tries New Things

Iraq's post-stalemate rebound discussed at Chatham House roundtable in London under Mohammed al-Sudani's leadership.

Baghdad sees revival of café culture and enhanced security, observed by visitors and highlighted in The Economist.

Revived café culture and improved security in Baghdad serve as favorable motivators for much-needed foreign direct investment.

Budget of $153 billion based on $70 oil prices deemed naïve considering market volatility and fluctuating price trends.

IMF: Non-oil GDP's fiscal shortfall widens from 45% to 63%, according to February assessment of the economy.

Declining oil prices pose risks of fiscal and current account deficits, financing pressures, and depletion of reserves.

Al-Sudani government claims anti-corruption efforts, but doubts persist about its effectiveness in combating deep-rooted corruption.

Iraq's budget plans to add over half a million new positions, raising doubts about government's claims and intentions.