Article Five Is Now Killing the United States

By: Anton Schauble

A nation, like an animal, adapts to its changing environment for survival. Resistance to change leads to decline and decay.

Life is organized change, reacting to the environment while preserving nature. Evolution follows a guided path, not random.

A state, like a rational animal, evolves intentionally by understanding its principles and enacting deliberate change to fulfill its values.

States and civilizations perish when complacency, division, and inadequate response to reality hinder their ability to adapt and reform.

The United States, once innovative and dynamic, faces a sickness of ideologization that hampers its ability to adapt and evolve.

Change sustains commonwealths. Respecting laws is crucial, but reason must modify them for the common good.

The American legal process, with numerous checks and balances, makes it easier to kill a bill than to pass one.

The bias favoring old legislation over new is irrational. Laws should continue based on prudent consideration, not institutional snags.