Are You Sure Multiculturalism Has Failed, Ms. Braverman?

In the 1980s, Britain embraced multiculturalism, valuing diverse cultural and ethnic groups in society.

UK Home Secretary criticizes multiculturalism, alleging it hinders integration and threatens societal stability.

Multiculturalism, like most ideals, doesn't have clear success or failure, it guides societal aspirations.

Postwar Britain saw the arrival of "Dark Strangers," mainly from the Caribbean, India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.

In the early 1960s, many believed racial prejudice and discrimination would diminish as people adapted.

"Race riots" led to stricter immigration laws, such as the 1962 Commonwealth Immigrants Act in the UK.

1970s UK: Migrant children considered Britain home. Racism, police issues led to 1980s "multiculturalism" shift.

Multiculturalism embraced diversity with equal opportunity, steering clear of ethnic ghettos and inequality.