Are We Free From Haunting Memories of Civil Wars?

By: Josep Colomer

The distant past is shaped by memories and stories, like the American Civil War (1861-1865) and Spanish Civil War (1936-1939).

US and Spain, with populations around 30M and 25M respectively, had similar casualties of about 2.5% in their civil wars.

US history witnessed recurrent riots and revolts before the Civil War, indicating a pattern of growing confrontation.

Founding Fathers led early presidents. Jackson's election sparked 30 years of turmoil with high turnout and congressional violence.

Congress became a battleground with physical fights, weapons, and window-breaking, as described by historian Joanne B. Freeman.

Polarization over slavery led to pivotal presidential elections in 1856 and 1860, triggering secession and the Civil War.

Spain faced an institutional crisis after a 1923 coup, leading to complex election outcomes before the civil war erupted.

The Civil War's significance remains in Washington, DC, with the Lincoln Memorial and numerous statues honoring its generals.