Anchors Away: Media Profit Over Probity


Abundant facts coexist with fantasy. Alternate reality blurs truth, fuels news, social media, conspiracies.

Reality is pure and factual, distinct from perception's speculation often spread by media and nostalgia.

Media obsesses Republican search for coherent candidate, Trump focus pollutes content and coverage.

After each election, journalism's responsible image is criticized for turning political coverage into spectacle.

Daily talk dissects Christy, Ramaswamy's paths, polls replace racing forms, guiding speculative insights.

Perception as fact fuels looped narratives, sustaining speculative blather until challenged within the loop.

Unaware "better-than" attitudes hinder nuanced discourse, impeding democracy's issue-solving potential.

Media's Trump indictment coverage hyped a sealed 7-count case, but was 30 counts off upon unsealing.