A Timely Analysis: The Foreign Policy Trends of Muslim-Majority States

BY: Emir Hadzikadunic

Muslim-majority states from Morocco to Indonesia are neutral in the Russia-Ukraine War, with assertive foreign policy paradigms.

Muslim states de-Westernize, partner with powers, reduce US arms, avoid interference in domestic and interstate affairs.

Analyze Muslim states' foreign affairs via descriptive and explanatory prisms, explore their balanced approach and diversification.

Muslim-majority states maintain cautious neutrality over Russia-Ukraine War, avoiding taking sides.

Imran Khan, ex-PM of Pakistan, emulates Erdoğan by refusing to blame Russia. Malaysia also committed neutrality.

GCC sees Russia-Ukraine conflict as European. Arab states avoid standing against Putin. Kyiv frustrated by their stance.

Muslim-majority states are neutral, statements not in favor of the West or Russia. Syrian President Assad is an exception.

Muslims prefer diverse partnerships with multiple players, not single powers, based on interests. No alliances.