A General Shows How to Deflate a Hysteria Balloon

Milley clarifies balloon incident on retirement amid Russia-Ukraine proxy war, raising China tensions in US.

Milley told CBS: Balloon not spying, confirmed by intel. Chinese claim validated, wind hindered balloon at altitude.

Media cited evidence of devious plans by Xi Jinping, experts urged US to prepare for direct confrontation with China.

Predicted war for years, General Minihan suggests 2025 war with China, altering previous beliefs.

Growing impatience, Some suggest 2024 for Chinese invasion. Biden ready to intervene, war plans prepared.

Media linked balloon to impending war, Politicians dismissed Chinese claim, emphasizing US strength and resolve.

Media pressure led to military caution despite countermeasures. "Do something" clamor affected US-China relations.

Media hyped balloon threat, Fighter jet response highlighted US sovereignty, Biden's commitment to security.