A First-Hand Look at Arba’een, the World’s Largest Annual Pilgrimage


Iraq's Arba'een pilgrimage caught my interest, after research, I felt compelled to experience it personally.

Founded Peace Worldwide Org. Wondered how millions gather peacefully, unlike US concerts with trouble.

Arba’een journey unveiled peace amid adversity, inspiring faith in universal humanity's goodness and unity.

Arba’een united diverse people globally, transcending differences for a purpose of respect and togetherness.

Arba’een unites diverse crowds, contrasts peaceful with troubled Hajj exclusivity. Unique in identity unity.

Iraqis offered free services to pilgrims with love, including dining, healthcare, and security, through volunteers.

Iraqi PM, Chinese Ambassador served pilgrims, absence of US officials missed significant PR opportunity.

Arba'een: Inspiring hope, commemorating Husayn's martyrdom for justice, and fostering change in humanity.