A Crazy Idea Aimed at Achieving Peace in the World

Crazy ideas can resolve conflicts by influencing decision-makers and sparking imaginative solutions, fostering positive change.

Global conflicts abound: Ukraine war, trade wars, generational gaps, class, ethnicity, religion, ideology, currency, climate.

NATO seeks to counter Russia's global influence, Russia prioritizes regional security in Ukraine. Geopolitical complexities persist.

NATO faces dilemma: retreat or escalate in a faltering war, risking nuclear confrontation as the situation worsens.

Conference aims for consensus on Ukraine's NATO membership, but without peace, it remains a distant hope. Uncertainty persists

Unspoken boldness: NATO admitting Ukraine and Russia—a crazy idea that holds potential for transformative solutions.

Seemingly absurd, historical precedents show Russia's past desire to join NATO, making the idea not entirely implausible.

US rejected precedents, but idea not unthinkable. Russia and Ukraine joining NATO enhances security, reshapes borders peacefully.