A Cluster Bomb of Thoughts on the Indefensible


Western citizens confused by growing propaganda on Ukraine war. Kyiv seeks more weapons for Washington's war effort.

Obscure sentence reveals Ukraine's struggle: Western gifts (training, tactics) untapped, impacting war outcome.

Subtitle alludes to "war Washington wants." Serious commentators note prolonged provocation for specific war quality.

Current Russia propaganda more realistic than before. US official implies understatement with double "under" prefixes.

Article concedes pessimism, but claims "Expectations are high." Shift in focus: Russia a formidable adversary.

Pentagon and experts acknowledge Ukraine's unlikely win. Media can't trumpet this. Morale suggests Ukraine as victor.

US President Biden announces new arsenal addition: cluster bombs for Ukrainians to frighten Russians, if not fight.

Controversial decision: US considers cluster bombs for Ukraine defense due to dwindling artillery supplies.