A Beautiful Boat Ride in Kashmir

BY: Namrata Wakhloo and Lee Thompson-Kolar

Sunrise at Nigeen Lake's vegetable market brings a serene yet bustling scene.

Tourists favor Dal and Nigeen Lakes' front, yet the backwaters unveil the lives of houseboat dwellers.

Backwater dawn market: farmers gather to sell fresh produce, a daily tradition.

Breathtaking Rainawari home with striking covered balconies known as "dubbs."

Kashmiri mansions with wood and clay bricks, like this Rainawari Pandit's former home.

Spring flower seller in Kashmir. Summer paints the valley in brilliant colors with myriad blooms.

Nadiyar Bridge, Rainawari, is one of the most popular landmarks in downtown Srinagar.

Srinagar's popular occupation: pigeon-keeping. This is a kotarbaaz's (pigeon-keeper's) home.