BY: Juan Cole

20 Years After the Now Almost-Forgotten American War from Hell

Denunciations of Putin's invasion of Ukraine are now widespread, with Blinken urging Lavrov to end the war of aggression.

Putin launched his "special operation" by denouncing the US for the invasion of Iraq without legal grounds, citing lies and loss of life.

US forgot Iraq war's 20th anniversary, It ruined America's global credibility and gave Putin cover for his atrocity.

President George W. Bush flew to the USS Abraham Lincoln on May 1, 2003, for a high-priced propaganda photo op.

Bush declared victory in Iraq in 2003, but 2,500 US troops remain there today despite Iraq's request for their departure.

Bush's speech after the invasion of Iraq whitewashed the war of aggression as a routine presidential policy.

Bush's speech about spreading "democracy" and "freedom" with "precision warfare" omitted the phrase "international law."

Bush ignored international law and UN charter by waging war on Iraq, which caused widespread harm. His claim of goodwill was dishonest.