10 Years After the Coup: The Lawlessness of Counterrevolution in Egypt

By: Atef Said

Leaked recordings reveal generals planning shelter construction near military unit, including a door labeled 'Ministry of Interior'.

Morsi secretly detained, lawyers challenge legality. Generals discuss justifying detention and makeshift jail.

Egypt's military leaders disregard accountability and rule of law, evident in constitutional changes and power consolidation.

Egypt under military rule: lawlessness prevails with widespread wrongdoing and contempt for the rule of law.

Sisi expands executive power, tightens control over judiciary, and uses law to restore tyranny in Egypt.

Sisi imposes loyalty tests on prosecutors to ensure regime loyalists become future judges in Egypt's judiciary.

Sisi expands military courts, grants immunity, appoints military judge. Repressive laws stifle dissent and restrict freedoms.

Egypt's military regime exhibits rule by law, where authorities act above the law, resulting in widespread lawlessness.