Whose Genizah?

October 02, 2021

The Secrets of NYT Racism

January 02, 2020

In publishing “The Secrets of Jewish Genius,” an opinion piece by regular columnist Bret Stephens, The New York Times demonstrated its commitment to free speech, at least for its stable of elite writers. That commitment means tolerating even the expression of extreme opinions that lack any...

The Real Strength of Morocco

August 28, 2019

Morocco's belief in the strength of pluralism has energized and shown me that difference can serve as a strength for any country, whether it is religious or secular, large or small, developed or developing. I was told that there are spiritual answers to the question, “Why Morocco?” —...

As an Orthodox Jew in College, How Do I Survive?

April 02, 2015

How do you reconcile modern “hookup culture” and religious faith? In today’s culture, almost every film or novel has a romantic interest, with a happily ever after, hot-and-heavy or at least casual kisses. Physical intimacy is portrayed as the way to achieve connection and depth of...

Why We Must Keep the Memory of the Holocaust Alive

January 27, 2015

With growing anti-Semitism in Europe and the Middle East, Holocaust Memorial Day matters more than ever. On January 29, 1945, Victor Klemperer, a Jewish academic in Dresden, recorded in his diary being told by a friend about a speech on the radio given by the émigré writer Thomas...